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Welcome to the "Journal of Acupuncture and Herbs" (JAH), the international journal of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with ISSN 2001-371X(P) and 2001-7464(E)!

The journal, jointly sponsered by Medfors Sverige and Hunan University of TCM, was registered in Sweden. You can view abstracts and subscribe for full texts of papers in all JAH issues.

We warmly welcome any original, creative articles in the field of TCM.  You can contribute a manuscript either in English or in Chinese. Chinese manuscripts will be translated by our English editor. Excellence is our standard!

Currently we have eight different columns:
  • Theoretical exploration. Elucidation, and profound discussions on the TCM theory.
  • Clinical research. Research done according to modern epidemiology, such as randomized controlled clinical trials (RCT), pilot studies or case control studies.
  • Experimental studies. Experiments exploring the mechanisms of diseases, novel medicines,molecular level exploration or experiments based on a lab work on animals.
  • Acupuncture. Clinical experience with acupuncture, research, etc.
  • Herbs. Experiences with herbaltreatment, formula discussion, etc.
  • Tui-na massage. Contents regarding Tui-na massage.
  • External treatment. Reports on external treatments, such as acupoint application, Gua Sha.
  • Traditional Chinese life enhancement methods. About traditional physical activities such as Taichi Chuan, Qigong.

Welcome to submit your manuscript by sending a WORD format file to