Translation criteria for Ancient TCM classics

We prefer to translate TCM classics in an "indirect" way by italic format so that the meaning is better understood by readers. For instance, 针灸大成, is translated into "Overview and Essence of Acupuncture", but not "Zhenjiu Da Chen" because the latter cannot be understood by a foreign speaker at all.

伤寒论:Cold Attack Theory and Practice

黄帝内经:Yellow Emperor's Inner Classics

丹溪心法:Danxi's Experiential Therapy

灵枢经:Soul Box for Acupuncture

普济方:Herbal Formulas for Universal Warefere

景岳全书:Sylloge of Jingyue Zhang's TCM knowledge

类经:Reassembling and Explanation of Yellow Emperor's Classics

类经图翼:Illustration for Classified Yellow Emperor's Classics

类经附翼: Attached Illustration for Classified Yellow Emperor's Classics

素问:Pure questioning of TCM

(黄帝)明堂经:Mingtang Classics (of the Yellow Emperor)

针灸资生经:Acupuncture Classics for Life Cultivation

医说续编:Continuation of TCM Wording

针灸大全:Complete Volume of Acupuncture

症因脉治:Symptoms, causes, pulses and corresponding treatments

外台秘要:Wai Tai's Secret Formulas

针灸聚英:Collection of Acupuncture Essentials

铜人腧穴针灸图经:Illustrations for Acupuncture on Bronze Body Model

圣济总录:Saint General Collection of Beneficial Herbal Formulas

东医宝鉴:Precious Experience of Eastern Medicine

针灸甲乙经:ABC of Acupuncture

十四经发挥:Extension Knowledge of Fourteen Meridians

难经:Q and A on Eighty One TCM Topics

针灸大成:Overview and Essence of Acupuncture

足臂十一脉灸经:Classics of Moxibustion on Eleven Meridians of the Arms and Legs

阴阳十一脉灸经:Classics of Moxibustion on Yin-yang Eleven Meridians

颅囟经:Classics of Cranial Fontanelles

东医宝鉴:Precious References from Chinese Medicine

道藏谷神不死论:A Taoist Doctrine on Immortalization of Original Qi

石室秘录:Secret Records of Chinese Medicine in a Stone House

医贯:Though Understanding of Chinese Medicine

太极图说:Illustration on Taiji

外台秘要:Waitai’s Secret Formulas

本草纲目:Compendium of Materia Medica

金匮要略:Golden Cabinet Stored Recipes

医学入门:Elementary Medicine

医宗金鉴:Golden Mirror of Medicine

太平圣惠方:Taiping Royal Prescription

古今医彻:Sorting out of Ancient and Present Medicine

医学正传:Authentic Inheritage of Medicine

医学心悟:Deep in Heart Understanding to Chinese Medicine

医理真传:Authentic Heritage of Medical Theory

问斋医案:Typical Cases Record in Question Studio

血证论:A Treatise on Blood Disorders

秘传眼科龙木论:Long Mu's Secret Treatise on Ophthalmology

银海精微:Essential Knowledge of Silver Sea (Eyes)

脉法:Pulse Palpation Methods

五十二病方:Prescriptions for Fifty-two DiseasesPrescriptions for Fifty-two Diseases

导引图:Illustrations on Physical and Breathing Exercises

却谷食气:Abstaining from Grains by Taking Gas Instead

十问:Ten Questions

合阴阳:Uniting Yin and Yang

天下至道谈:Discussion on the Ultimate Principle of the Cosmos

养生方:Recipes for Life Cultivation

胎产书:Book on Birth

神灸经纶:Outline of Fathomless Moxibustion

肘后(备急)方:A Handbook of Herbal Prescriptions for Emergencies