The first donation to JAH

We are grateful that Prof. Geng Jia from Inner MongoLia donate a total RMB 30000 to Journal of Acupuncture and Herbs, to support and promote the development of JAH!In order to make the best use of the donation, we determine to establish the “JAH Qingmiao translation funding” (Q funding) to sponsor selection of excellent TCM translation talents.

A bottleneck problem of internalization of TCM is lack of translation human sources- either for ancient literature or for modern research, which severely restricts the world understanding to TCM. We hope by establishment of the Q funding, which could be applied freely by young teachers or students in TCM universities, we could select out some excellent young people for further cultivation, and hopefully recruit them in JAH team (full time or part time) in the future.

Prof. Jia began to study TCM in his fifties. He gradually realized the extensive and profound, and unique charm of TCM. He absolutely agrees with the concept and idea we hold, and appreciate a lot for our academic proficiency and efficacy, he was thus donating so generously. We thank again for his kindness! We hope more donations from enterprises and private persons so that we could launch more funds. All donated enterprises and persons will be announced in our website so that we have an apparent running of those funds.

Please click here to get more information of Q funding.

(Editorial board, Journal of Acupuncture and Herbs, 29/12/2013)