Here you can submit your manuscript directly to our editorial board.

Email address:

or use quick submission

The requirements for manuscript submission are as follows: 

  • can be either English or Chinese version;
  • no limitation on length;
  • simple title, clear viewpoint, abundant evidence, reliable data, well organized;
  • standard scientific format saved as WORD file;
  • reference according to Vancouver format and no number limitation;
  • authorship ordered and no competing interests;
  • attach a simple introduction of the corresponding author, including the information such as name, gender, birthday, education background, title, employer, address, postal code, email, research direction, brief summary of ongoing projects, etc.

  Please note: never simultaneous submissions except for submitting to JAH and Hunan TCM Acta. If we noticed that you have submitted the same manuscript to two or more journals at the same time, we will unconditionally cancel the reviewing on your submission, and you may lose the opportunity to contribute to us in three years!

 Here are some tips for contribution:

  • Do a self-check on the format and of the content;
  • Ask your colleague to double check it;
  • Contact our editors through the dialogue box in the  lower right corner on this page; tell them about your work; and ask them if this type of study is suitable for publication on JAH;
  • When this is done, save your article in WORD format, and send it to  Write a cover letter introducingyourself and your work. Remember to state here if this is a secondary publication. If you are already a JAH club member, you can also submit online: login first and on left side bar you will find "documents", click "add document" and upload the manuscript, done!
  • Remember the Ref. number; this is important in case you do not receive feedback from the editorial board within  two weeks after your contribution;
  • Seriously read any comments from peers and/or editors. When you get a revision suggestion, revise according to the suggestions. Do not omit even a single punctuation!
  • Send the revised manuscript back to us within three months. If not, it will be processed as a new contribution, and this might diminish the chance to be accepted;
  • If your entry gets rejected but you really believe in  the value of your research, you may appeal to the editor-in-chief directly:;
  • Always think “I do so I succeed”.